Watch This NFL Player Yell Out Taylor Quick While Mimicking Travis Kelce

Evidently, the tight end truly enjoys saying “okay at this point.”

Travis Kelce appears to have a specific approach to talking and a couple of well known expressions, and his kindred NFL players had a field day imitating him in a diverting Instagram video.

In the clasp, a progression of football stars — including Kelce himself — did their best impressions of the Kansas City Bosses tight end, utilizing his regularly communicated phrases like “Okay at this point” and “To party.” Kelce included his very own couple quirks with everything else, remembering his obvious interest for doing the stanky leg dance.

Notwithstanding, Philadelphia Falcons star C.J. Uzomah made it a stride further, and imitated Kelce conversing with his sweetheart, multi-Grammy winning genius Taylor Quick. “Hello Taylor, how you doing?”

Quick and Kelce’s reality “Romantic tale” started back in July, when the football player attempted to give a kinship wristband to Quick during her Periods Visit stop in Kansas City. From that point forward, the artist has gone to incalculable Bosses football match-ups and the team have ventured out together on dates on numerous events.

In February, Kelce paused for a minute during his New Levels digital broadcast to yell out Quick’s set of experiences making night at the Grammy Grants this week, in which she turned into the principal craftsman to win collection of the year multiple times. “She’s amazing,” he said. “She’s re-composing the set of experiences books herself, and I told her I’d need to fulfill part of the arrangement and get back home with some equipment as well.”

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