Victony Transforms ‘Life’s Lemons Into Strong Workmanship’ With ‘Difficult’ Presentation Collection

The Nigerian craftsman welcomes Teezo Score, Holy person JHN, Asake and more into his Afropop world.

It’s been a long time since the close lethal fender bender that killed one of Victony’s dear companions, and he worries about the concern of the horrible accident with him consistently.

The Afropop sensation’s viewpoint on life perpetually moved since the April 2021 wreck, which saw him need to re-figure out how to walk following escalated a medical procedure and non-intrusive treatment.

Music was consistently there for Vic – conceived Anthony Triumph – and he further emptied that flexibility into his innovative strategy while creating Obstinate, the 23-year-old’s presentation LP, which hit web-based features on Friday (June 21).

“It addresses conquering difficulty and changing life’s ‘lemons’ into strong workmanship,” Victony tells Announcement of his new collection. “I trust that when individuals stand by listening to the collection, they feel a feeling of shared insight and motivation to track down strength and trust in their own excursions.”

Victony welcomes a flexible crew of partners into the overlay, for some of which it’s their most memorable time considering going all in the Afrobeats scene. Teezo Score, Holy person JHN, Asake, Shallipoppi, and Shorae are among Obstinate’s extraordinary visitors.

Teezo and Vic bounce into a time machine and carry fans to the dancefloor for the disco-touched “Dial Back,” an undoubted champion appearance off his flexibility as a craftsman on the task. “We flowed immediately, and the meeting was brimming with trial and error,” the Nigerian craftsman adds of working with Teezo. “We needed to make something that made individuals move, yet in addition felt significant.”

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Holy person JHN accelerated Vic’s inventive approach in what he’s delegated as the “fastest” craftsman he’s consistently recorded with following an underlying altercation in Los Angeles. “Minuscule Loft” recounts a genuine story of closeness, a part of life that Ghetto Lenny is no more peculiar to investigating with his craft.

Victony will hope to carry expanded perceivability to the worldwide Afropop scene, however he considers it to be a greater amount of an “opportunity than pressure” to convey.

Investigate further into the collection’s credits and fans will see Olamide Baddo is recorded. Vic made it a highlight show his appreciation for the persuasive African rapper and guide, who assisted him with sorting the undertaking out.

The “Soweto” vocalist will rejoin with his Bandits for a North American trip on the side of his introduction this late spring. The Difficult Visit starts off in Boston on Aug. 8 and will go through New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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