Tommy Richman’s ‘Million Dollar Child’ Burns through Fourth Week at No. 1 on TikTok Announcement Top 50

The track is one of only four tunes to lead for something like a month since the graph’s September 2023 commencement.

Tommy Richman’s “Million Dollar Child” spends its fourth week at No. 1 on the TikTok Board Top 50 outline dated June 8, becoming one of only four tunes to manage the positioning for something like four edges.

The TikTok Board Top 50 is a week by week positioning of the most famous tunes on TikTok in the US in light of manifestations, video perspectives and client commitment. The most recent outline reflects movement May 27-June 2. Movement on TikTok is excluded from Bulletin outlines with the exception of the TikTok Announcement Top 50.

“Million Dollar Child” joins Alek Olsen’s “Sometime I’ll Get It” and Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me” as tunes with about a month at No. 1 on the TikTok Announcement Top 50. Mitski’s “My Affection Mine All Mine,” in the mean time, drives all tunes with six edges on the rundown.

Simultaneously, “Million Dollar Child” stays at No. 3 on the multimetric Announcement Hot 100 on account of 49 million authority U.S. streams, 23.9 million radio crowd impressions and 8,000 downloads in the week finishing May 30.

Lay Bankz’s “Tell Ur Sweetheart,” a three-week No. 1 on the TikTok Board Top 50 preceding Richman’s rule, positions at No. 2, trailed by a presentation in Sexyy Red and Drake’s “U My Beginning and end” at No. 3.

The debut gives Sexyy Red her most memorable top three on the diagram since “SkeeYee” paced the debut review (Sept. 16, 2023), and it’s Drake’s second-most elevated contract, following the No. 2 pinnacle of “IDGAF,” including Yeat, last October.

“U My Beginning and end,” which was delivered May 24, for the most part profits by lip-synchronize and move content to Sexyy Red’s introduction on the tune (“I say hoo, child/Bae, I love you, you my beginning and end/I composed this for you, child”), with another pattern highlighting makers asking their previous soul mates the number of preferences that they’d require on TikTok to reunite.

“U My Beginning and end” debuts at No. 44 on the Hot 100 on the strength of 10.3 million streams, 952,000 radio crowd impressions and 2,000 downloads May 24-30.

It’s one of two presentations in the TikTok Board Top 50’s main 10, trailed by Focal Cee and Lil Child’s “BAND4BAND,” what begins at No. 8. Delivered May 23, “BAND4BAND” sports an early pattern of makers highlighting the varying accents of the English Focal Cee and American Lil Child, frequently sprucing up in various ensembles as they lip synchronize the pair’s “We can go band for band/F-k that, we can go M for M” trade on the tune.

“BAND4BAND” became Focal Cee’s top execution on the Hot 100 at this point, appearing at No. 22 on the June 8-dated review thanks to 15.9 million streams and 1,000 downloads.

Another melody raises a ruckus around town Bulletin Top 50’s main 10 interestingly: Stephen Kramer Glickman’s front of Twists Barkley’s “Insane,” which vaults 41-6. The pattern highlighting Glickman’s version features the melody’s initial verses (“I recall when/I recollect that, I recollect when I flew off the handle”) and shows clients sewing in things they did that they currently find cringy.

See the full TikTok Board Top 50 here. You can likewise tune in every Friday to SiriusXM’s TikTok Radio (channel 4) to hear the debut of the diagram’s best 10 commencement at 3 p.m. ET, with reruns heard over time.

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