Halle Berry Endorses Ariana Grande’s ‘Catwoman’ Accolade in ‘The Kid Is Mine’ Music Video

Halle Berry is murmuring for Ariana Grande’s interpretation of Catwoman. Soon after the popular star delivered her new music video for “The Kid Is Mine” — in which she spruces up very much like the DC Comic books femme fatale — the entertainer shared her endorsement via web-based entertainment Friday (June 7).

Retweeting a clasp of Grande displaying a feline ear cover and gallivanting through a Gotham-like cityscape in the visual, Berry basically tweeted, “Get it, Ari! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

The Oscar victor, who depicted the main protagonist in 2004’s Catwoman, added: “Living.”

Grande is known for putting her own twist on popular movies through music recordings. Recently, she gave proper respect to Everlasting Daylight of the Flawless Psyche for her Announcement Hot 100-garnish single “We Can’t Be Companions (Sit tight for Your Affection),” selecting Evan Peters to be the Jim Carrey to her Kate Winslet.

For “The Kid Is Mine,” she directed Catwoman — who’s likewise been played on screen by Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer and other notable entertainers previously — while featuring inverse Penn Badgley, who depicted a maliciously attractive legislator with whom Grande’s personality is charmed. In the video, the performer wears a rugged dark dress and conveys a whip to slip into the Tattle Young lady alum’s condo, where she falls flat to infuse him with affection mixture.

Cognac and Monica likewise made shock appearances in the video, an unpretentious recognition for their own 1998 two part harmony “The Kid Is Mine.” The famous track spent a sum of 13 weeks at No. 1 on the Bulletin Hot 100 the year it was delivered.

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