The Clipse Debut New Tune During Louis Vuitton Style Show in Paris

The siblings additionally debuted new music during the LV S/S 2024 Men’s Assortment show the year before.

Pharrell disclosed his most recent Spring/Summer 2025 Men’s Assortment for Louis Vuitton prior Tuesday (June 18) during Paris Style Week, and for the second year straight, another Clipse tune made its introduction.

Around the 40-minute imprint, tormenting piano keys began to play for around a two minutes before you can hear John Legend’s voice as he sings, “The birds don’t sing.”

You then hear Pusha T rapping about his mom Mildred Thornton kicking the bucket in November 2021, and the bars are awful. “Lost in feeling, mother’s most youthful/Tryna explore existence without my compass/A few encounter passing and feel deadness/Yet not me, I felt everything and couldn’t work.”

His sibling No Vindictiveness handles the subsequent stanza and it centers around their dad Elliott Thornton Sr., who kicked the bucket in Walk 2022. “Your vehicle was in the carport, I realize that you were home/By the third thump, a chill went through my bones/The manner in which you miss mother, I surmise I ought to have been known/Gallantry ain’t dead, you ain’t let her go alone,” he raps as he lays out the image of when he tracked down his dad’s body.

Board contacted Pusha’s reps for more data, and keeping in mind that they weren’t willing to share any presently, they affirmed that what we heard was another Clipse record. “No subtleties to share at the present time, other than that it is without a doubt new Clipse that played during the show,” they let us know in a proclamation.

Keep it locked here as more data comes out this reputed project they probably got concocting.

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