El Fantasma Seizes First No. 1 on Latin Airplay Outline With ‘Sabor a Michelada’

The AfinArte-delivered track procures the name its most memorable ruler in very nearly 10 years.

El Fantasma tastes his most memorable pioneer on Bulletin’s Latin Airplay outline (dated June 22) with “Sabor a Michelada.” With the cumbia and banda-mixed melody, the vocalist lyricist rules subsequent to logging 10 past top 10s on the general radio positioning.

The single conventions 14-1 in its fifth week with 8.5 million crowd impressions, up 71%, in the U.S. in the following week finishing June 13, as per Luminate. KFLZ-FM San Antonio, Texas, drives all journalists to the diagram, with north of 430 plays of the tune to date. In the mean time, WOJO-FM Chicago had the most crowd – 1.3 million – among diagram columnists for the tune in the following week.

“However, sabor a Michelada” takes El Fantasma to his most memorable Latin Airplay winner, the AfinArte-delivered track procures him a seventh ruler on Territorial Mexican Airplay – and second this year-where the tune climbs 6-1 with the Best Gainer respects, granted week after week to the melody with the biggest flood in crowd.

Here is a recap of El Fantasma’s assortment on No. 1s on Local Mexican Airplay tracing all the way back to his first in 2019:

Top, Title, Craftsman, Weeks At No. 1
June 1, 2019, “Encantadora,” four
Aug. 14, 2021, “Soy Buen Amigo,” one
Sept. 25, 2021, “Tus Desprecios,” with Pepe Aguilar, one
Oct. 1, 2022, “Soldado Caído,” one
Sept. 9, 2023, “La Vida Cara,” one
Walk 16, “El Exitoso,” one
June 22, “Sabor A Michelada,” one

On account of “Michelada,” delivered Walk 15 through AfinArte, the non mainstream mark gets back to No. 1 on Latin Airplay without precedent for very nearly 10 years. Voz de Mando’s “Levantando Polvodera” was the name’s first and last pioneer, for multi week in control in Feb. 2019.

Notwithstanding its Latin Airplay and Territorial Mexican Airplay wins, “Michelada” debuts at No. 50 on the airplay-, streaming-and computerized mixed Hot Latin Melodies outline, for El Fantasma’s 22nd profession sections there.

The new accomplishments land in the midst of E Fantasma’s Se Activó La Chavalada 2024 visit, which sent off Feb. 17 in Texas and go on through Nov. 27 in Chicago.

Natti Natasha Presentations on Tropical Airplay: Somewhere else on the Latin outlines, Natti Natasha gets her 6th top 10 on Tropical Airplay – and third as a soloist, unaccompanied by some other go about as “Quiéreme Menos” debuts at No. 5.

The Romeo Santos-created bachata begins with 2.3 million crowd impressions signed in the U.S. during the following time frame.

The melody, an affection letter for spouse Ralphy Pina who was let out of jail on May 24, simultaneously procures the Dominican vocalist her 22nd top 10 on Latin Computerized Tune Deals, with a No. 7 introduction.

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