Latin Remix of the Week: ‘Hola Perdida (Remix)’ by Karma Ra, Maluma and Khea

The Argentines internationalize their prosperity significantly more with the investment of the Colombian genius.

In the Latin Remix of the Week area, we feature remixes that the editors of Board Latin and Bulletin Español consider excellent and not the same as the rest. Only one out of every odd week we will essentially distribute a survey. This is our choice today.

In mid 2024, Argentine specialists Karma Ra and Khea started off the year with a powerful dance track called “Hola Perdida” , part of Karma’s presentation collection Que Nos Falte Task . The powerful heartfelt melody delightfully combines group of four and bachata styles, making an ideal melodic blend that vibrates with energy and enthusiasm.

While promising Córdoba vocalist Karma Ra had proactively shown his vocal capacities singing with a live band, it was Khea, Virreyes’ catcher, who shocked his fans by changing his rap sections for a more sweet voice. The melody was fruitful to the point that it beat the Announcement Argentina Hot 100 graph for a few sequential weeks.

In the wake of vanquishing the public graphs, the pair chose to extend their scope by teaming up with Colombian whiz Maluma . The Medellín craftsman gave the melody his trademark enchanting style, adding energetic and coquettish stanzas that expanded the tune’s global allure.

“Karma Ra, Khea, thank you accomplices for making me a player in this mega PALO. “This remix will go the distance,” Maluma composed on Instagram.

Each star focuses with their own light in this captivating cooperation, which has acquired the title of Bulletin ‘s Latin Remix of the Week by its own doing . The music video shows the threesome combining efforts in the studio, welcoming fans to observe the set in the background.

Pay attention to “Hola Perdida (Remix)” by Karma Ra, Maluma and Khea underneath and see with your own eyes:

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