Carín León lanza el álbum ‘Boca Chueca, Vol. 1’, y más Nueva Música Latina

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Nueva Música Latina is a gathering of the best Latin tunes, collections and recordings suggested by the editors of Board Latin and Billlboard Español . This is the determination of the week.

Its an obvious fact that Carín León’s melodic impacts are extremely assorted. As a matter of fact, he once let Bulletin know that the principal melody he figured out how to sing was “Bohemian Composition” by Sovereign when he was nearly nothing and that he had followed local Mexican music since he was brought into the world in Sonora, Mexico, a district where that style of music rules. . In only a couple of years, he has become one of the main types of current Mexican music, singing over R&B rhythms and a norteño accordion, and globalizing a style that was recently viewed as a specialty. Presently, he completely embraces his test establishes in Boca Chueca, Vol. 1 , where he let it all out and exhibits how chameleonic he is in music and how creative he can be.

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Uncovers She Had an Unsuccessful labor Prior to Deferring Show in New Mexico
Once more, from pop”), (“R&B (“Despídase bien”), corridos tumbados (“Practically official”), alt-rock (“Frené mis pies”) and even cumbia ska (“I don’t have the foggiest idea” with Panteón Rococó), It is vital to take note of that León doesn’t totally leave the northern sound that made him the star he is. The 34-year-old artist lifts his center sound by consolidating unpretentious impacts he has taken from country and R&B. One thing is clear, regardless of what sort he sings, León sounds at home, securing himself as quite possibly of the most flexible and diverse craftsman in Latin music. It is critical to stand by listening to the collection from start to finish to completely appreciate what Carín León offers. The collection has set the bar high for future deliveries — and it’s just the first of two volumes . — GRISELDA FLORES

Olga Tañón, Así Yo Soy (Opción1 Diversion)

In the event that the initial title track is any sign, Olga Tañón is embracing life without limit (and absent of any guidelines) on her new studio collection. In “Esta soy yo”, a reviving mambo-reggaetón, she clarifies that she won’t change her traditions for anybody. What stays predictable, in any case, is her rule as “La Mujer de Fuego,” giving life to 10 melodies that, generally, are imaginative combinations of merengue: “Vamos a ser joy” with Christian Alicea, “Escondidos” with Sergio Vargas, and “Ya no soy ajena” with Swirl Herrera, a cunning reaction to Herrera’s 2001 megahit, “Tú estar ajena.” The tropical Puerto Rican star likewise tries different things with Así Yo Soy . Her strong voice and her engaging and appealing verses sparkle in the vallenato “Enseñame” with Jorge Celedón and Lenier; the Mexican music tune “Amarte causes me damage”; and the underground rock “You believe I should leave with you.” The set closes with the super private ditty “I don’t have the foggiest idea who I’m” as a team with Lenier. — JESSICA ROIZ

Mau and Ricky, Inn Caracas (Warner Music Latina)

For their third studio collection, Mau and Ricky in a real sense went looking for their foundations and required a three-month trip through their local Venezuela, 15 years in the wake of moving to Miami. With the assistance of maker Malay (F rank Sea, Lorde, Fletcher), and motivated by the music they have paid attention to since they were kids, the Montaner siblings made melodies with absolutely acoustic courses of action, with many breezes and metal, exploring different avenues regarding pop, funk, Latinos and metropolitan.

The outcome is Lodging Caracas , a bunch of 15 melodies that incorporates the recently delivered singles “Vas a Distanciarme”, “Pasado Tomorrow”, “Gran Día” with Guaynaa and “Canción 2”, notwithstanding the coordinated efforts “Hasta Olvidarte” with Arcángel and “Fantastic” with Illegales. They generally accompany their particular recordings, shot in various corners of the South American country, alongside a 15-section narrative that follows their thrilling excursion, coordinated by Daniel Durán and accessible here .

” Inn Caracas is an excursion into the future, however getting back to the roots,” Mau and Ricky said in a proclamation. “We got back to the principal love of working melodies, wondering for no specific reason and without recipes or rules. We got back to the insane energy. “We reexamined ourselves once more.” With melodies that likewise incorporate “Passing on from Dread”, “David Beckham”, “Amarte Tanto” and “Karma”, among others, it is a tomfoolery venture beginning to end, loaded with sentimentality, humor and great energies. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Gusi, Monte Adentro (Gaira Neighborhood Music)

Gusi leaves on a profound and reflective excursion to reconnect with his Caribbean roots while taking advantage of pop sounds on Monte Adentro . “This collection welcomes us to see where we should be,” Gusi expressed energetically during the send off of his new collection in Miami on May 30. “A significant number of us have shown up in the US with a dormant dream that won’t ever stop. In any case, we generally have an imperceptible string there that attaches us to some place, to some corner.”

The seven-melody set is a cooperative task among Gusi and notable Latin maker Emilio Estefan Jr. Together they worked at Sickle Moon Studios in Miami, which, in a way that would sound natural to Gusi, “felt like an award.” And everything was finished in only 10 days of work. Estefan talked with Board during the send off and made sense of how, as far as he might be concerned, music must be made rapidly to keep up with its wizardry. “Music is like love; you snap and become hopelessly enamored rapidly, and you drop out of adoration rapidly as well,” he said.

The collection expects to praise the variety of Latin America, and is flawlessly addressed through rich combinations of accordions, trumpets and guitars with Gusi’s sweet voice, as we hear on “Loves pathetic”, “Me voy contitu” and ” 1,000 Ave Marias”, with a delightful folkloric millet woodwind. The focal subject that gives its name to the collection catches all the significance it has for Gusi and the significance of continuously needing to get back to his underlying foundations. — INGRID FAJARDO

Omar Montes, Lola Índigo and Las Chuches, “EL PANTALON (RUMBAS)” (Sony Music Latin)

Spanish vocalist Omar Montes joins his partners Lola Índigo and Las Chuches for the dynamic joint effort “El Pantal – Rumbas”, making a late spring blast. This merry flamenco rumba combined with metropolitan music is a remix of Las Chuches’ hit “El Pantanal”, delivered in 2004, with which they restore this Spanish old stories exemplary. “I’m checking out the square to get some jeans/Let them fit extremely close, let them fit me,” they sing as one while, in the video cut, they are seen strolling through a neighborhood market, as you got it, searching for the popular jeans. — LUISA CALLE

Manuel Medrano, Perfecto (Warner Music Mexico)

Manuel Medrano takes time among collections, and that is the reason they turn out so well. Perfecto shows up three years after Eterno , and it merited the pause. Perfecto is modern, yet business, a collection that investigates pop, funk, dance and soul with style and disposition. “Summer in New York” is very much like its title – chill, metropolitan, fun; “This story” is an uptempo pop with blends of dance and acoustic guitars; “Luna” (with Arthur Hanlon on piano) is an open acoustic song, upheld by air strings; and “Miel” is unadulterated disco. All through the whole excursion, Medrano’s profound, unmistakable voice and his very much created verses sparkle, a consistently welcome blend. — LEILA COBO

Grupo Firme, “The Opportunity to be vindicated” (Music celebrity Diversion)

Grupo Firme is known for its party tunes, yet the way in which great the ditties are. In “The Opportunity to be vindicated,” created by Joss Favela, Eduin Caz gives free rein to an emotionality that is seldom found in his music. This northern anthem, joined by the regret of the accordion, is deplorable and delightful. “I don’t merit the opportunity to be vindicated, however I will be appreciative assuming that one day you give it to me,” Caz entreats in the video, singing in the downpour and showing one more part of his extraordinary musicality. — L. Cobo

Manu Chao, “May you live forever” (Radio Bemba)

There is something nostalgic and graceful about “Viva tú,” Manu Chao’s most recent single that celebrates genuine associations. The everlasting singer catches the straightforward delights of life, meshing them into a recognition that feels as private as it does general. The tune blossoms with the grievous plays of a guitar set to the delicate musicality of a rumba; in the interim, flamenco-style vocal embellishments further improve the song. The track proclaims her impending independent studio collection due out in the not so distant future, her first since 2007’s La Radiolina . “Consistently I fall head over heels,” she sings, regarding ordinary champions from the dough puncher to the sweeper, with each stanza blossoming with profound respect, praising the unassuming magnificence of day to day collaborations. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

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