(G)I-DLE Delivered First English Collection to ‘Be More Associated’ with U.S. Fans: ‘The time has come to Offer in return’

The collection comes in the midst of the K-pop gathering wrapping its U.S. visit.

(G)I-DLE’s most recent EP, Intensity, denotes a significant achievement for the K-pop gathering. In the wake of delivering numerous smaller than expected collections in Korean and Japanese, the young lady bunch has recorded every one of the tunes on Intensity completely in English as an approach to rewarding their fans in the US, the gathering partakes in the most recent episode of Bulletin News.

“It’s our presentation EP in the U.S. so we’re really amped up for this, and we just wrapped up our U.S. visit. Our fans have been so strong, we feel that the time has come to offer in return and be more associated with them so we thought of this collection Intensity,” Minnie made sense of for have Tetris Kelly. “We genuinely want to believe that they can like it … We had a great time dealing with it. We’re very apprehensive in light of the fact that its our most memorable English [album] and we as a whole recorded completely kept in English so its very difficult.”

Yuqi spouted about the new venture, which incorporates the high-energy lead single “That’s what I Need,” and said that the melodies are a takeoff from what gave fans can normally expect of their sound. “Every one of the melodies, you folks can have my assertion, it’s, truth be told, entirely unexpected styles we have never attempted,” she said. “I believe it will be cool. I trust our fans can adore it.”

Prior in the year, (G)I-DLE became a web sensation online with their May single “Queencard” for its self-strengthening subjects, as well as its reference to the dance-off scene in the 2004 film White Chicks in its music video.

“The chief explicitly needed to put a comedic reference in there, so we were taking a gander at notorious motion pictures, and White Chicks was certainly one of them, and we’ve chosen to reference that in the music video,” Soyeon reviewed of the choice for the video’s dance segment. “I’m truly glad that individuals truly love that piece of it.”

Watch (G)I-DLE’s full meeting with Announcement News in the video above.

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