7 Things You Didn’t See on television at the 2023 Board Latin Music Grants

From Karol G to Peso Pluma, this is the very thing Board caught on the blue rug and behind the stage.

The 2023 Announcement Latin Music Grants occurred on Thursday night, observing Latin music’s greatest stars of yesterday and today.

The night’s top victor was música Mexicana star Peso Pluma, grabbing eight honors including craftsman of the year, new; Hot Latin Melodies craftsman of the year, male; and musician of the year. Pluma was trailed by Terrible Rabbit, who brought back home seven honors, including craftsman of the year and visit through the year.

Both Pluma and Rabbit performed at the honors function. The previous sung “La Bebe” with Yng Lvcas and “Por Las Noches” with Nicki Nicole. The last option, a variety of his hits and the live debut of his new single “Un See.”

Colombian hotshot Karol G won five honors, including Top Latin Collection of the year for her memorable set Mañana Será Bonito, which appeared at No. 1 on the all-classification Bulletin 200 outline, turning into the main Spanish-language collection by a female craftsman to do as such. Karol likewise got the unique Soul of Expectation Grant for her establishment Con Cora, on the side of ladies and young ladies.

“Recently, without precedent for my profession, I won the honor for ‘best collection of the year,’ different honors and an exceptional acknowledgment to my establishment, which influences more individuals consistently because of the help of every one of you,” she communicated on Instagram. “I feel extremely cheerful and appreciative. What an incredible life!!!”

A rush of craftsmen likewise became the dominant focal point to perform, including Feid, Myke Pinnacles, El Alfa, Tini, Grupo Frontera and some more.

And keeping in mind that this was all broadcast on Telemundo, Board was on the blue rug and behind the stage getting the remainder of the activity. Look at seven things you didn’t see on television beneath.

  1. What’s inside Eladio Carrión’s pack?

On the blue floor covering, Eladio Flesh showed up sharp searching in a naval force blue suit and Grayish purse. At the point when asked what was in his pack, he said his telephone had “a great deal of new music.” Carrión then took out his phone and prodded a tiny piece of an unreleased track, which is essential for his impending collection, called RKO.

  1. Paris Hilton en Español

Prior to venturing in front of an audience to give Karol G her Soul of Trust Grant, Paris Hilton rehearsed her discourse in Spanish close by Telemundo have Daniloh Carrera. Minutes before the extraordinary second with Karol, Board found Paris, where she prodded approaching Latin music.

  1. Awful Rabbit and Peso Pluma’s Experience

Soon after his “Un Review” execution, Terrible Rabbit was advancing off the stage — as yet singing a couple of the verses — when he caught Peso Pluma, who was on his way in front of an audience to perform “La Bebe” with Yng Lvcas. The two geniuses grinned and embraced and continued to walk. Both Rabbit and Peso were the night’s top champs.

  1. Karol G’s Bulletin Shock

Colombian hotshot Karol G was a major champ on Thursday night, bringing back home the Soul of Trust Grant, perceiving her Con Cora Establishment, and Top Latin Collection of the year for Mañana Será Bonito. In complete she brought back home five honors. However, behind the stage, she was shocked by the Board group, who granted her a unique plaque commending her worldwide hit “TQG” with Shakira, which topped at No. 1 on the Board Worldwide 200. “I can’t say this is ‘one more’ grant since this one is truly extraordinary,” Karol told Announcement’s Leila Cobo, who gave her the honor. “I wasn’t anticipating this … It’s been a unique evening.”

  1. Eslabon Armado Bother New Collection

Mexican-American gathering Eslabon Armado were among the top champs of the evening, on account of their out of control hit “Ella Baila Sola” with Peso Pluma, which won Warm Latin Tune of the year and Sweltering Latin Melody of the year, vocal occasion, among different awards. Behind the stage, the band, drove by vocalist/lyricist Pedro Tovar, talked truly about the tune’s prosperity and prodded that another collection is coming. “It’s a tune we couldn’t say whether it would turn into a hit, yet it did. At the point when I composed the tune, I petitioned God. I simply believed it should outperform the wide range of various tunes, and he gave me this one. So I generally express gratitude toward God for this tune. Whoop to God.” Adding, “We have a collection coming toward the finish of this current year. It’s a shock, yet we’re telling Board solely. Ten melodies all out yet can’t say who will be on it.”

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