Doja Feline’s ‘Party like there’s no tomorrow’ Holds On Hot 100, Jung Screwball and Jack Harlow’s ‘3D’ Introductions at No. 5

Furthermore, SZA scores her most memorable pioneer on Radio Tunes with “Nap.”

Doja Feline’s “Have a throw down good time” beat the Board Hot 100 melodies outline for a third week.

Besides, SZA’s “Nap,” which holds at its No. 2 Hot 100 high, rises to the highest point of the Radio Tunes diagram, turning into her most memorable pioneer on the airplay positioning, and Jung Nutcase and Jack Harlow’s “3D” debuts at No. 5 on the Hot 100. “3D” becomes Jung Nutcase’s second Hot 100 top 10 – making him the main BTS part with numerous performance top 10s – and Harlow’s fourth.

The Hot 100 mixes all-classification U.S. web based (official sound and official video), radio airplay and deals information, the lattermost metric reflecting acquisition of actual singles and advanced tracks from full-administration computerized music retailers; computerized singles deals from direct-to-customer (D2C) destinations are prohibited from graph estimations. All graphs (dated Oct. 14, 2023) will refresh on tomorrow (Oct. 10). For all diagram news, you can follow @billboard and @billboardcharts on both X, previously known as Twitter, and Instagram.

“Party like there’s no tomorrow,” delivered on Kemosabe/RCA Records, drew 61.8 million radio airplay crowd impressions (up 18%) and 23.3 million streams (down 15%) and sold 6,000 downloads (down 9%) in the Sept. 29-Oct. 5 following week, as indicated by Luminate. It wins the Hot 100’s top Airplay Gainer grant for a third back to back outline.

The single tumbles to No. 2 on the Streaming Tunes outline following seven days at the highest point and to No. 4 on Computerized Melody Deals following fourteen days on top; and rises 7-5 on Radio Tunes, it Feline’s seventh top five hit to become Doja. It simultaneously beat the multi-metric Hot R&B/Hip-Jump Melodies and Hot Rap Tunes outlines for a 6th and seventh week, individually.

Doja Feline triples her earlier Hot 100 order, as “Say as much,” highlighting Nicki Minaj, drove for seven days in May 2020.

SZA’s “Nap” rehashes at its No. 2 Hot 100 high, with 75.8 million in radio crowd (up 4%), 16.5 million streams (down 5%) and 2,000 sold (down 5%). It climbs 3-1 on Radio Tunes, where it’s SZA’s most memorable pioneer, among four top 10s; “Kill Bill” hit No. 2 in April, following her highlighted turns on Doja Feline’s “Kiss Me More” (No. 2, 2021) and Maroon 5’s “Darlings’ Specialty” (No. 5, 2017). “Nap” simultaneously beat the multi-metric Hot R&B Tunes outline for an eleventh week.

(With “Party like there’s no tomorrow” at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and “Rest” at No. 2, RCA positions in the best two spots for a second continuous week; until the most recent fourteen days, RCA hadn’t imbued the main two at the same time under the mark’s ongoing hierarchical design inside Sony Music, which dates to the mid 2010s.)

Taylor Quick’s “Horrible Summer” climbs 4-3 on the Warm 100, getting back to its best position. On account of “Party like there’s no tomorrow,” “Nap” and “Horrible Summer,” the diagram’s main three comprises totally of people without precedent for more than seven months, since the Walk 4-dated positioning, when Miley Cyrus’ “Blossoms” set at No. 1, trailed by SZA’s “Kill Bill” at No. 2 and PinkPantheress and Ice Flavor’s “Kid’s a Liar, Pt. 2” at No. 3. The most recent rundown denotes the primary top three each by a solitary female craftsman since a month prior to that, with SZA and Quick again involved; on the Feb. 4 diagram, Cyrus’ “Blossoms” was No. 1, trailed by “Kill Bill” at No. 2 and Quick’s “Screw-up” at No. 3.

Luke Brushes’ front of Tracy Chapman’s No. 6-cresting 1988 Hot 100 work of art “Quick Vehicle” backs up 3-4, following two months at its No. 2 high. The last option adds a third week at No. 1 on the multi-metric Hot Down home Tunes diagram.

Jung Wacko and Jack Harlow’s “3D” dispatches at No. 5 on the Hot 100, with 13.6 million streams, 3.1 million in radio crowd and 87,000 physical and computerized singles sold joined, following its Sept. 29 delivery. (The tune’s unique, “Substitute” and instrumental variants were delivered that day, while its A.G. Cook remix and clean, accelerated and dialed back blends showed up Oct. 2.)

“3D” is Jung Nut-job’s second Hot 100 top 10 – making him the main BTS part with different performance top 10s – while Harlow adds his fourth.

Here is a recap of each of the six top 40 Hot 100 passages such a long ways by BTS individuals separated from the gathering, positioned by top position. Each of the seven of the demonstration’s individuals have arrived at the diagram generally speaking with solo melodies: J-Trust, Jimin, Jin, Jung Nutcase, RM, Suga and V. (Collectively, BTS flaunts 15 top 40 hits, including 10 top 10s and six No. 1s.)

Top Pos., Date, Craftsman, Title:

No. 1, multi week, July 29, 2023, Jung Screwball accomplishment. Latto, “Seven”
No. 1, multi week, April 8, 2023, Jimin, “Like there’s no tomorrow”
No. 5 (until now), Oct. 14, 2023, Jung Nutcase and Jack Harlow, “3D”
No. 22, July 9, 2022, Charlie Puth accomplishment. Jung Nutcase, “Left and Right”
No. 29, Dec. 25, 2021, Juice WRLD and Suga, “Young lady of My Fantasies”
No. 30, April 1, 2023, Jimin, “Set Me Free, Pt. 2”
“3D” opens at No. 1 on Computerized Tune Deals, where Jung Crackpot and Jack Harlow each procure a third chief.

Zach Bryan’s “I Remember Everything,” highlighting Kacey Musgraves, slides 5-6 on the Hot 100, after it drove for seven days upon its presentation in September. It bounce back for a fourth week on Streaming Tunes (25.2 million, down 5%) and paces the multi-metric Hot Stone and Elective Melodies and Hot Stone Tunes graphs for a 6th week each.

Balancing the Hot 100’s main 10, Rema and Selena Gomez’s “Quiet Down” drops 9-10, in the wake of coming to No. 3. It administers the Board U.S. Afrobeats Tunes outline for a record-expanding 58th week.

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