Drake Offers a Mercedes-Benz G-Cart to a Fan at His Toronto Show

One more day, another rich flex.

Drake’s giving streak is as yet continuing forward. At his homecoming show in Toronto over the course of the end of the week, the 36-year-old rapper gave away an extravagance vehicle to one fortunate fan in the group.

The “Rich Flex” performer has made a practice of giving out costly gifts to fans at his It’s Each of the a Haze Visit, with past presents crossing originator purses to piles of money. This time, notwithstanding, Drizzy changed everything around. Besides the fact that he offered something he’s never parted with — a Mercedes-Benz G-Cart — however he likewise chose his beneficiary totally aimlessly, rather than his standard strategy for filtering the group and picking somebody — periodically holding a shrewd hand crafted sign — whom he finds in the group.

“This I will do,” he told the group mid-show at Scotiabank Field. “I will select a triumphant ticket from this drum here. I maintain that everyone should be really tranquil.”

The Grammy champ then dunked his hand into a reasonable compartment loaded up with seat numbers imprinted on sheets of paper. The champ? No. 17483, which gave off an impression of being situated in the upper level of the setting.

As indicated by the Mercedes-Benz site, the base model G 550 SUV begins at $139,900.

The extravagance vehicle giveaway two or three weeks after Drake stood out as truly newsworthy for connecting one fan at his Miami show with $50K subsequent to perusing the fan’s sign, which read, “I burned through the entirety of my reserve funds purchasing tickets for myself as well as my ex, yet Truly, Don’t bother, it’s actually Her Misfortune, “Guess what? She will feel genuine f-ked up because I’ma give you 50 groups, so you gon’ flex on her this evening,” he reassured the as of late single — and recently rich — individual in the group.

Preceding that, Drake proposed to send a love bird couple to Turks and Caicos subsequent to figuring out they’d skirted their wedding trip to go to the show.

However, while Drake’s great deeds have procured him some sure press as of late, fans have been calling him out since he dropped his new collection For Every one of the Canines Friday. That is because of a few verses on the record that fans saw as disses focused on Rihanna, his onetime old flame, and her currently accomplice, rapper A$AP Rough.

On the track “Apprehension about Levels,” for example, the hip-jump star over and again gives the signal “Hostile to,” also known as the title of Ri’s Bulletin 200 No. 1 2016 collection. He likewise seems to make backhanded references to her nation of origin (Barbados), as well as her privileged Parsons degree. Furthermore, he apparently attacks Rough by rapping, “That man, he still with you, he can’t leave you.”

Drake hasn’t answered the reactions over his obvious Rihanna verses, however he has begun a conflict of words with Joe Budden soon after The Canines’ delivery. He’s likewise told fans that the new collection will presumably be his final remaining one for some time, as he plans to briefly pull back from music to zero in on his wellbeing.

Watch Drake offer a G-Cart underneath:

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