TREASURE Thunders Back With Immense New Single ‘Lord KONG’: Watch

The most recent delivery from the YG Diversion kid bunch follows its marking with Columbia Records and a dressing line with Uniqlo.

TREASURE is stepping back with “Lord KONG,” the K-pop teen pop band’s most memorable new single of the year that blends their monstrous energy in with a realistic pizazz — similar as the notorious monster himself. Opening with strong, pounding guitars before the gathering’s mark “Fortune” murmur from Choi Hyun Suk, the melody rapidly focuses to a completely exhilarating excursion ahead.

With an intensely snappy pop tune pronouncing “My heart resembles Ruler Kong” and a great rap segment that features rappers Hyun Suk, Yoshi and Haruto (the previous two who both co-composed and co-created the track), the most recent Fortune single is an explosion of high-energy K-pop maximalism. The tune finishes in an extreme modern breakdown prior to sending off into an all-bunch serenade outro, a sonic mark for the gathering. Jihoon’s promotion libs dispersed all through the outro just add to the powerful shutting.

In the interim, the going with music video draws vigorously on beast, activity and science fiction film subjects a la Ruler Kong. With sets like a modern lab, a squad car pursue in the city, and a roaring whole-world destroying no man’s land, the “Ruler KONG” video highlights movement impersonating the famous monster and minutes where each of the 10 individuals peer at watchers with shocking, sparkling eyes yet in addition more unpretentious gestures to Hollywood wannabes like in Hyun Suk’s green braid, suggestive of a Godzilla-like tail, as an energetic gesture to another notable monster.

Created via Airplay, known for R&B and pop-motivated works with K-pop heavyweights like Taeyang, LeeHi, Champ, iKON, and IZ*ONE, “Lord KONG” mixes components of Fortune’s siphoned up presentation prepared sound with a modern and realistic edge. The single is the gathering’s most recent delivery since marking with Columbia Records in October and next huge move since sending off a dressing cooperation with Uniqlo last week.

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