Taraji P. Henson Says Beyonce ‘Destroyed’ Her Renaissance Visit Outfit Plans

Beyonce believed that everybody should don silver at her birthday show in Los Angeles.

Taraji P. Henson had her entire outfit prepared for Beyoncé’s Renaissance visit, yet Sovereign Bey herself wound up messing up her arrangements.

The Domain star came by The This evening Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon this week, where the host flaunted a shimmering, ninja-propelled outfit with silver chain itemizing that Henson presented on Instagram. “I had previously had my outfit selected for [Beyoncé’s] show, months ahead of time,” the jokester made sense of. “Then, she does this, ‘Goodness, it’s my birthday. We should all don silver.’ Thus, I mean, my home is being revamped and my garments are away, so I haphazardly ended up paying this off of those Instagram Shopping pages.”

Henson noticed that when the outfit showed up, it was bad quality and was going to “discard it,” yet ruled against it. “By the day’s end, that is all I had for Beyoncé. It was somewhat silver, had silver sparklies on it,” she reviewed. “Quick version, I needed to discard it toward the night’s end since it had obstacles and openings — yet much obliged, Instagram Shopping!”

Watch her once-over the entire circumstance beneath, as well as make sense of why Usher is a definitive “female magnet.”

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