Silent Planet : Superbloom

Album Details:

Artist: Silent Planet
Album: Superbloom
Official Release: Nov 03, 2023
Genre: Alternative, Christian, Djent, Hardcore


Silent Planet have announced the release of their next album a little less than two years from the release of Iridiscent. The album is called Superbloom and will be released on Nov 3rd 2023.

The album clocks at 39 minutes and was produced by Daniel Braunstein.

Line up:

Garrett Russell – lead vocals, guitars

Mitchell Stark – guitars, clean vocals

Nick Pocock – bass

Alex Camarena – drums

Track list:

  1. “Lights Off the Lost Coast”
  2. “Offworlder”
  3. “Collider”
  4. “Euphoria”
  5. “Dreamwalker”
  6. “Antimatter”
  7. “:Signal:”
  8. “Anunnaki”
  9. “The Overgrowth”
  10. “Nexus”
  11. “Reentry”
  12. “Superbloom”

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