Melodies With the Most Weeks On Bulletin’s Airplay Graphs Joined: Miley Cyrus’ all’s ‘Blossoms’ Hits 100 Weeks at No. 1

The hit has logged the most total a long time at No. 1 of any tune among all Bulletin radio rankings consolidated.

Miley Cyrus’ “Blossoms” adds a record-expanding 51st week at No. 1 on Bulletin’s Grown-up Contemporary outline (dated June 15), and makes more history simultaneously.

As it holds at the culmination, “Blossoms” has now added up to an extraordinary 100 weeks on all the Board radio graphs that it has driven. Notwithstanding its 51 edges on Grown-up Contemporary, the melody — delivered on Columbia Records in January 2023, ran up rules of 18 weeks on the all-design Radio Tunes outline, 17 weeks on Grown-up Pop Airplay, 10 weeks on Pop Airplay and a month on Dance/Blend Show Airplay.

“Blossoms,” which this February won the Grammy Grant for record of the year, outperformed The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” which posted 87 joined a long time on Board airplay outlines. The last option, delivered in 2019, ruled Grown-up Contemporary for quite a long time, Radio Melodies for a record 26 weeks, Grown-up Pop Airplay for a very long time and Pop Airplay for quite a long time.

“Blossoms” is one of 21 crushes that have spent no less than 52 weeks, or an entire year, consolidated at No. 1 on Announcement airplay diagrams. Announcement flaunts 25 right now dynamic radio airplay graphs, dating to the Grown-up Contemporary count’s July 17, 1961, send off. Country Airplay turned into the first airplay graph positioned by electronically-observed information as of the rundown dated Jan. 20, 1990; all current airplay graphs (over portion of which started during the ’90s) depend on information observed by Mediabase and gave to Announcement by Luminate.

The 25 such reviews: Grown-up Elective Airplay, Grown-up Contemporary, Grown-up Pop Airplay, Grown-up R&B Airplay, Elective Airplay, Christian AC Airplay, Christian Airplay, Nation Airplay, Dance/Blend Show Airplay, Gospel Airplay, (the occasional just) Occasion Airplay outline, Latin Airplay, Latin Pop Airplay, Latin Mood Airplay, Standard R&B/Hip-Jump Airplay, Standard Stone Airplay, Pop Airplay, R&B/Hip-Bounce Airplay, Radio Tunes, Rap Airplay, Provincial Mexican Airplay, Musical Airplay, Rock and Option Airplay, Smooth Jazz Airplay and Tropical Airplay.

Beneath peruse the 21 tunes – with a main three by Mariah Carey, trailed by two by Adele – that have covered radio and spent the most total a long time on Board’s airplay outlines. They’re probably the most recognizable hits still noticeable on wireless transmissions – as Cyrus energetically asked the Grammys swarm when she performed “Blossoms,” “For what reason would you say you are behaving as you don’t have a clue about this tune?!”

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