Karol G’s ‘Si Bets Te Hubiera Conocido’ Introductions at No. 2 on Hot Latin Melodies

The Colombian scores her 27 th top 10, and 10 th unaccompanied by another craftsman.

Karol G accomplishes her 27th top 10 on Announcement’s Hot Latin Tunes diagram as “Si Bets Te Hubiera Conocido” debuts at No. 2 on the July 6-dated list. The tune, delivered June 21 by means of Bichota/Interscope/ICLG, dispatches in the upper area three months later “Contigo,” with Tiesto, completed its four-week run in the main 10.

“Si Bets Te Hubiera Conocido” begins at No. 2 with action across all measurements incorporated into Hot Latin Melodies (airplay, streams and deals). In the July 21-27 following week, the melody recorded 11.9 million authority U.S. streams, as per Luminate. Because of that total, the tune opens at No. 33 on the general Streaming Melodies outline and a No. 2 on Latin Streaming Melodies.

For the leftover measurements that add to Hot Latin Tunes, melody deals and radio airplay, “Si Risks Te Hubiera Conocido” sold 2,000 downloads in similar period for a second week on Latin Computerized Melody Deals. Furthermore, it begins at No. 29 on the general Latin Airplay diagram with 4.1 million crowd impressions.

With “Si Risks Te Hubiera Conocido’s” No. 2 entry, Karol G asserts her 27th top 10, and tenth unaccompanied by another craftsman. Her most memorable top 10 unaccompanied by another demonstration was the No. 5-cresting “Ay, Diso Mío” in 2020. Of her 27 top 10s, eight came to No. 1. Her latest chief was “Qlona,” with Peso Pluma, for quite a long time in 2023.

Eminently, Karol and Gloria Estefan stay the main two ladies to make a big appearance in the best two on Hot Latin Tunes with titles unaccompanied by another craftsman. Karol has appeared in the best two with three performance, unaccompanied tunes (“Si Bets Te Hubiera Conocido,” “Mi Ex Tenía Razón” and “Provenza”) and Estefan did it with “Inn Nacional” in 2012.

Past Karol’s No. 2 presentation on Hot Latin Melodies, the merengue-put together track places Karol back with respect to the main 10 on Tropical Airplay after right around eight years, where “Conocido” rallies 18-3 in its third week. Her first and last visit to the best 10 showed up through “Casi Nothing” in 2016.

Further, “Si Risks” awards Karol her 31st vocation passage on the all-type Bulletin Hot 100, with a No. 34 beginning.

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