‘It Addresses a Resurrection’: Mario Bautista on New Música Mexicana Collection ‘Fénix’

Following his hit “Brindo,” the Mexican pop star enters another melodic time with Fénix.

Mario Bautista has released his new studio collection Fénix — one that he started dealing with right around a long time back and added its last contacts only hours before its delivery on Thursday (June 13).

Home to 14 tracks, the set features Bautista’s development from kid nearby pop star to an experienced youthful grown-up who’s embracing life without limit. It likewise denotes his new Música Mexicana period.

“I made this collection on account of the achievement I had with ‘Brindo’ on the grounds that it resembled the reason to have hope,” he tells Board during an Instagram Live meeting. “It was something exceptionally uncovering to have the option to send a message through local [Mexican] music. I became hopelessly enamored with that since I didn’t think it was conceivable. Up to that second, I had just made music to party and have a great time. At the point when ‘Brindo’ was conceived, it seemed like I was establishing something positive in the audience members’ heads, and that is my motivation throughout everyday life.”

“Brindo” — a vibe decent mariachi with positive verses about been thankful for everybody and everything around you — was delivered in the fall of 2021 yet it was its Banda El Recodo de Cruz de Lizárrga-helped remix that procured Bautista his first No. 1 on the Territorial Mexican Airplay Outline in 2022.

“That is the manner by which Fénix was conceived — it’s completely Provincial Mexican, and it conveys messages that I feel are vital for humankind to pay attention to,” he adds.

Notwithstanding enabled tunes, for example, “Cábron Yo Puedo” and “Mejor Así,” in a joint effort with Adriel Favela, Bautista commits genuine tunes to his friends and family (“Flores” and “Pa’l Viejo”) and even tracks for free ladies (“15 de Septiembre” and “Mujer Maravilla”).

However, Fénix goes a long ways past hopeful verses and a recognition for his Mexican roots. It addresses an enlivening.

“Eleven years have gone by in my vocation and it’s been a wild ride,” he makes sense of. “With ‘Child Young lady’ (the metropolitan pop melody that set him up for life in 2018), I felt that it was my pinnacle and yet, it was the time that I was generally mistaken and lost for my character. It took me years to get back to Mario Alberto (his genuine name) and give him the wheel. These days, that gives me pleasure and harmony, and ‘Fénix’ addresses this new stage, this resurrection.”

Pay attention to Fénix beneath.

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