Gracie Abrams and Aaron Dessner: Photographs From the Bulletin Shoot

The team’s ‘No love lost’ collection came out recently.

The initial time Gracie Abrams met Aaron Dessner, at his celebrated Long Lake studio close to Hudson, N.Y., the pair composed more than 10 tunes. “We hit it off,” reviews Dessner, 47, of their most memorable meeting in spring 2021. That is somewhat of a misleading statement, taking into account what followed: Dessner proceeded to create and co-compose Abrams’ acclaimed debut collection, No love lost, delivered in February and overflowing with legitimate reflections sung in her sensitive voice that float over charming harmony movements and non mainstream rock riffs. In June, following the collection’s vinyl discharge, Abrams beat Board’s Arising Craftsmen graph.

Toward the beginning of September, following appearances by both on Taylor Quick’s Times Visit (Abrams as an opener, Dessner as a visitor), the couple played three sold-out, private acoustic shows in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles, where they performed melodies of Abrams’ both old and new. The gigs bookended a recording refueling break at Long Lake. “We made a ton of music, and it feels truly unique in relation to what we’ve done previously… like the best stuff we’ve made,” Dessner uncovers.

Abrams, 24, is one of the freshest specialists to turn into a Long Lake ordinary, joining an eye-­popping gathering of ability that incorporates Quick, Ed Sheeran and, obviously, Dessner’s band, The Public — every one of whom have been unquestionably dynamic lately, proceeding with Dessner’s streak as one of the most popular, and most active, teammates in music today. In that capacity, and with Abrams a probable best new craftsman competitor, might Dessner at any point at last score a hotly anticipated gesture for maker of the year, non-traditional?

From left: Aaron Dessner and Gracie Abrams captured on September 1, 2023 at Long Lake Studio close to Hudson, NY.

Aaron Dessner shot on September 1, 2023 at Long Lake Studio close to Hudson, NY.

From left: Gracie Abrams and Aaron Dessner captured on September 1, 2023 at Long Lake Studio close to Hudson, NY.

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