Frightening Nuts, SixTONES and Mrs. GREEN APPLE Top Board Japan’s 2024 Mid-Year Graphs

The Announcement Japan 2024 mid-year diagrams count the weeks from Nov. 27, 2023, through May 26, 2024.

Frightening Nuts, SixTONES and Mrs. GREEN APPLE lead in their particular classifications on Board Japan’s 2024 mid-year graphs, counting the weeks from Nov. 27, 2023, through May 26, 2024.

Unpleasant Nuts’ “Bling Bang-Conceived” tops the Japan Hot 100 on the mid-year roundup. The MASHLE season 2 opener was delivered carefully on Jan. 7, and has been streamed multiple times during the counting time frame. Complete streams for the hip-jump hit cruised beyond 300 million at the second quickest pace in Japan outline history, second just to YOASOBI’s “Object of worship,” the No. 1 melody of the year for 2023. “BBBB” additionally holds the No. 1 spot on Announcement Japan’s Worldwide Japan Melodies Excl. Japan list for the main portion of the year. This outline positions melodies from Japan being heard in excess of 200 nations and areas around the world.

On “BBBB” administering the mid-year graphs, Dreadful Nuts’ rapper R-shitei shares, “I wasn’t anticipating it by any means, so I’m astounded, or rather… It actually hasn’t exactly hit me yet. In any case, I’m grateful. It’s satisfying,” while DJ Matsunaga says with a chuckle, “The melody turned into a hit when I was working at my own speed, in a sort of ‘I’ll simply go slowly and have a great time making music’ mentality, which featured the startling quality, all things considered, I’m where it’s quite a very remarkable gift and I haven’t had the option to take it in.”

Fifteen-year-old vocalist musician tuki’s. “Bansanka” follows at No. 2 on the mid-year Japan Hot 100, and YOASOBI’s “Godlike object” is as yet continuing forward at No. 3.

On the Japan Hot Collections list, SixTONES’ fourth venture THE Energies takes the best position, selling a sum of 571,187 duplicates during the counting time frame in the wake of being delivered Jan. 10, hitting No. 1 for the deals metric.

“We’re appreciative for being positioned No. 1 for the main portion of this current year,” says SixTONES part Jesse. “We’re extremely blissful and loaded with appreciation since this is the aftereffect of our music coming to such countless individuals. Every one of our collections has its own idea, and this time we expected to make a work that ‘helps your energies’ by including a large number of tunes with an emphasis on rock. We’re certain anybody can track down a tune in this set that ‘helps their energies,’ and that this collection will make individuals go, ‘Such icons exist?!’ with shock. In the event that you haven’t paid attention to it yet, if it’s not too much trouble, check it out! Our gathering will keep on taking on different melodic difficulties, so kindly anticipate it!”

At No. 2 on the mid-year collections graph is SEVENTEEN’s best-of assortment 17 IS Here, and Hikaru Utada’s unequaled most prominent hits collection Sci-fi, praising the 25th commemoration of the J-pop hotshot’s introduction, is at No. 3.

Mrs. GREEN APPLE is the top craftsman on the mid-year Japan Craftsman 100 outline, gathered from the aftereffects of the Japan Hot 100 and Hot Collections graphs. The three-man band has been a consistent on the Japan Hot 100, with 14 tracks including “Whatever will be, will be” and “Ballroom” outlining on the rundown.

“We’re exceptionally respected to be positioned No. 1 on the craftsman graph,” says Mrs. GREEN APPLE frontman Motoki Ohmori. “We might want to thank our JAM’S (being a fan) and the many individuals who generally support us with the utmost sincerity. We desire to continue to make the boat that is Mrs. GREEN APPLE greater through different exercises to convey works that we, at the end of the day, can be amped up for and believe are great! Once more much thanks for this honor.”

YOASOBI follows at No. 2 on the Craftsman 100 count, presently perhaps of Japan’s greatest demonstration whose exhibitions at the current year’s Coachella and visit to the White House stood out as truly newsworthy in the team’s nation of origin. Veteran band back number comes in at No. 3, with nine tunes graphing in the best 100, including hits “Suiheisen” and “Takaneno Hanakosan.”

Board Japan Hot 100 Mid-Year Graph 2024

  1. “Bling Bang-Conceived”/Dreadful Nuts
  2. “Bansanka”/tuki.
  3. “Symbol”/YOASOBI
  4. “Show”/Ado
  5. “Whatever will be, will be”/Mrs. GREEN APPLE
  6. “Kaiju No Hanauta”/Vaundy
  7. “IKUOKUKONEN”/Omoinotake
  8. “SPECIALZ”/Lord Gnu
  9. “The Daring”/YOASOBI
  10. “Be a blossom”/Ryokuoushoku Shakai

Announcement Japan Hot Collections Mid-Year Diagram 2024

  1. THE Energies/SixTONES
  2. 17 IS Here/SEVENTEEN
  3. Sci-fi/Hikaru Utada
  4. THE Best Obscure/Lord Gnu
  6. Coordinate/INI
  7. Grant/WEST.
  8. Street to A/Travis Japan
  9. PULL UP! /Hello! Say! Bounce
  10. Reboot/Fortune

Bulletin Japan Craftsman 100 Mid-Year Outline 2024

  3. back number
  4. Ado
  5. Vaundy
  6. Official HIGE DANdism
  7. Lord Gnu
  8. Frightening Nuts
  9. Yuuri
  10. Aimyon

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