Dreadful Nuts Talk ‘Startling’ Hit ‘Bling Bang-Conceived’ Besting Board Japan Mid-Year Diagrams: Interview

The energy that pushed “BBBB” up the diagrams was something that rapper R-shitei (“adults-only”) and DJ Matsunaga won’t ever expect.

Board Japan delivered its 2024 mid-year diagrams last week, and Unpleasant Nuts’ viral hit “Bling Bang-Conceived” bested the all-sort Japan Hot 100 rundown incorporated from six measurements.

The appealing rap banger was highlighted as the initial signature melody for the television anime series MASHLE season 2, which debuted in January. Alongside the irresistible dance moves of the anime’s initial clasp, the hip-bounce hit acquired overpowering help from audience members, basically through TikTok and streams.

The fame of the melody poured out over from Japan to different nations, and the track burned through 19 straight weeks on the Worldwide Japan Tunes Excl. Japan count — the longest back to back streak at No. 1 on this diagram. This puts the viral hit on the mid-year count for this and various different rankings for an exceptional complete of 13 No. 1s.

The gigantic force that impelled “BBBB” up the graphs was something that the pair, rapper R-shitei (“adults-only”) and DJ Matsunaga, won’t ever expect. The two talked about their long-running hit in this mid-year diagram clincher interview and shared their normal mentality of appreciating what they won’t ever envision.

Congrats on “Bling Bang-Conceived” besting 13 diagrams including the Japan Hot 100 and Worldwide Japan Melodies Excl. Japan outlines on Board Japan’s 2024 mid-year reports. Educate us how you feel regarding these awards.

R-shitei: I wasn’t anticipating it by any means, so I’m astonished, or rather… It actually hasn’t exactly hit me yet. However, I’m appreciative. It’s satisfying.

DJ Matsunaga: The melody turned into a hit when I was working at my own speed, in a sort of “I’ll simply go slowly and have a great time making music” outlook, which featured the surprise, all things considered, I’m where it’s really quite a very remarkable gift and I haven’t had the option to take it in. [Laughs]


R-shitei: We weren’t attempting to break out abroad by any stretch of the imagination, all things considered. I’ve generally imagined that our style of music… my rapping specifically, is super-local, the kind of rap that is intriguing just to the people who grasp the Japanese language. Obviously I would like to make rap music that’d be amazing to pay attention to in any event, for the people who don’t figure out the language, yet I felt that Japanese was the essence of my rapping. I’ve never truly thought about fitting my style to fit worldwide crowds.

That is fascinating. In accordance with the thing R-shitei just said about his sections, your tracks sound, as a matter of fact “Japanese” too. Might you at some point share your contemplations on this, DJ Matsunaga? I have an inclination “Bling Bang-Conceived,” even with its Jersey club beat, would have turned out diversely if, say, an American track producer had delivered it.

DJ Matsunaga: Well… Our position is, “We should make something we’ve never heard.” truly, there’s no reference while we’re blending our tunes, so I frequently find it hard to pass what I’m going for the gold the architect. There are no comparable tunes.

R-shitei: [To Matsunaga] When a melody we’re figuring out on goes to be something that doesn’t exist somewhere else, it feels worth the effort, right? We feel the best feeling of achievement when we make a kind of tune not found elsewhere in that frame of mind… In the U.S. or then again some other unfamiliar country.

DJ Matsunaga: I uttered that track in view of my own thoughts… The blend of Latin and Jersey club music was uncommon. Furthermore, one as well as various things I’ve taken on and have been motivated by are remembered for a track. I combine them as one and afterward my constant hand developments are included. I likewise wreck around a great deal when I make every tune, sitting tight for an “mishap” (startling development) to occur. We have other Jersey club-roused melodies with a vibe for harmony movement other than “Bling Bang-Conceived,” however not a single one of them have such a strong riff.

Melodiously, “Bling Bang-Conceived” and “Nidone” were composed as connections for an anime and show series, separately, and keeping in mind that both incorporate substance enlivened by those works, they don’t end there, which I believe is splendid. Do you begin collecting the verses in the wake of being tapped to deal with a task?

R-shitei: Essentially, yes. However, glancing back at our tunes composed as connections up to now, due to hip-bounce as an artistic expression, I wind up singing about me. Also, I need to sing about me, it’s harder not to. Both “Nidone” and “Bling Bang-Conceived” were composed so they turn out to be about me, despite the fact that they’re connected to different works. As a matter of fact, when I work on a connection, rather than adjusting to the source material, I take the subject or the perspective of the first work and afterward inquire, “In this way, what might be said about me?” I compose verses that I can at last shoulder as far as possible as something that relates to myself. That is essentially the way in which I’ve generally gotten it done.

Incidentally, did you regularly check music graphs, including those other than Bulletin Japan, previously “Bling Bang-Conceived” turned into a hit?

DJ Matsunaga: No, I never truly checked the diagrams. I’ve seen streaming diagrams and such to look at new music, yet truly never suspected I’d at any point check out at the graphs from the perspective of a member.

R-Shitei: I used to believe that outlines had nothing to do with me. Seeing ourselves close by individuals like Taylor Quick and 21 Savage makes me go, “Come on, this should be clearly false that some middle school kid who recently began rapping thought of.” [Laughs]

The week when “Bling Bang-Conceived” came to No. 2 on Bulletin’s Worldwide Excl. US graph, Taylor was at No. 5, Miley Cyrus was at No. 6, and Ye (Kanye West) and Ty Dolla $ign were at No. 10. [Week of Feb. 24, 2024]

R-shitei: I thought, “That is crazy!”

DJ Matsunaga: Truly. Dislike we weren’t thinking, “Damn, Kanye’s new collection emerged simultaneously!” [Laughs]

R-shitei: Assuming some more youthful rapper were saying that, you’d advise them to remove it, couldn’t you?

DJ Matsunaga: I sure would. [Laughs]. I’d be like, “Come on, man, cool it.”

Your tunes have been showing up on the upper levels of the Japan outlines since “Bling Bang-Conceived” turned into a hit, and the public’s assumptions for new melodies appear to be developing quickly. Might you at any point share your tentative arrangements with regards to new music?

DJ Matsunaga: The following melody we’re delivering is as of now finished. The melody we’re composing next will be… Indeed, this is totally emotional, however it’ll be forceful, and we’ll zero in additional on focuses like, “We’ve taken in a better approach for getting things done,” “We’ve refreshed ourselves,” and “We’ve concocted another tune that doesn’t exist elsewhere on the planet” while we’re dealing with it. I can’t help thinking about what sort of melody it’ll end up being?

Gracious, so you don’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store, either?

R-shitei: Yet that is the thing we trust will occur. We’re more joyful when we think of dislike what we’re envisioning now.

DJ Matsunaga: No doubt, that is so obvious. It’s very little tomfoolery simply taking what we’ve envisioned, what’s finished to us, and making a spotless duplicate of it truly.

R-shitei: It’s better time when it’s like, “Hold up, this is the way that it ended up?!”

DJ Matsunaga: That is so obvious. The tomfoolery part is that both of us can get that going by playing get with one another. I’m certain we’ll have the option to make things that we can’t envision now. Our new melodies will be all similar to that.

Frightening Nuts is set to perform at South Korea’s Incheon Pentaport Rock Celebration 2024 in August. This will be your most memorable exhibition beyond Japan subsequent to “Bling Bang-Conceived” turned into a hit. Is there anything you’re anticipating?

R-shitei: I’m not anticipating anything much, yet we will attempt to give our all and are thinking about what to do.

DJ Matsunaga: Without a doubt. However, I think that will be such a lot of tomfoolery. At the point when we were beginning as a pair, we didn’t have our own tunes, so every show resembled an away game. The method involved with attempting to acquire fans by all potential means was truly fulfilling and fun. Furthermore, presently, fortunately, we’re performing an ever increasing number of in places we’ve been before where there are a sure number of individuals who’ve heard our tunes, so I’m truly thankful to have the option to take on such difficulties again from the starting point at this timing and at my age, when I’ve encountered different things somewhat.

Is it safe to say that you will grow your exercises around the world later on?

R-shitei: I’d very much want to. I need to go to different spots, to different nations to do shows. I haven’t been beyond Japan a lot of in my regular routine regardless, so having the option to go with our music close by will offer us something as a trade off, you know? I’m truly anticipating checking whether and how the things we express will change.

DJ Matsunaga: Indeed, I’m willing. It’s a similar in Japan, yet in the event that you pay attention to hip-bounce from abroad, there truly aren’t numerous specialists nowadays who do drawing in shows with simply rapping and DJing.

R-shitei: Yep, no doubt.

DJ Matsunaga: Well, without a doubt that we’re truly thankful that that is the situation. [Laughs] So it’s energizing to have the option to take our style and go out before individuals who’ve never heard our music.

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