Drake’s Child, Adonis, Stars in Video For Shock Single, ‘8AM in Charlotte,’ Calls His Pops ‘Daddy GOAT’

The track that name-checks Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, DJ Screw and 21 Savage is supposed to show up on impending collection “For Every one of the Canines.”

Drake is in a thoughtful state of mind on the gospel-touched shock track “8AM in Charlotte,” which the 6 God dropped early Thursday morning (Oct. 5). The Director Williams-created track rides on a terse beat and finds Drizzy supported by a deep ensemble as he flexes about his nine-figure way of life while dropping an entertainment pageant commendable rundown of Top notch names.

The video for the track co-stars the rapper’s five-year-old child, Adonis, who opens the five-minute visual by flaunting a charming drawing he made for his pops. “Enlighten me regarding your delightful piece of craftsmanship that you sold me,” Drake shares with his child, who proceeds to depict a story of a goat taking off from beasts in the midst of pictures of blazing blossoms, race vehicles and prison steps.

“Daddy’s name is close to the goat, does that imply that he’s the GOAT?” the MC ponders. “Indeed, so it’s Daddy GOAT,” Adonis affirms. Obviously currently similar in many ways to the old man, when Drake approaches Adonis the amount he acquired for his wonderful drawing, the kindergarten regulator giggles and says, “C’mon.”

Then, at that point, father gets to business, rapping, “Preachin’ to the canines about wantin’ something else for themselves/It’s weighin’ weighty on my ethical scale/Knowin’ they gon’ sell another resident ‘stick, they assume they Orson Welles,” in the stripped down visual in which Drizzy sports beautiful hair curling irons, loose dark vinyl pants and a coat with a progression of bright V’s on it. In a single shot, Drake sits encompassed by a gathering of men, and Adonis, all wearing dark shirts that read “Can’t stand Survivor.”

The torrential slide of unabashed names proceeds, with a whoop to an individual GOAT (“the eatery gets out faint reverberations of Lauryn Slope”), a creepy szn-proper ref (“I say we must discuss us, I feel like Jordan Peele”), as well as stops at 21 Savage (“got a green card straight out of the department”) and Michael Jackson (“I feel like Mike changed out the glove for the pen”).

Besides, he gets political with a smart topography bar, rapping, “Where I go, you go, siblings, we’re Yugoslavian/Formal is a clothing standard, dawg, such countless checks owed/I feel Czechoslovakian.”

The subsequent stanza drops references to a country symbol (“Shania Twain, notebook, I’m making it line dance”), a megachurch minister (“I swear I’m similar to a youthful T.D. Jakes to my hazards/Long kiss goodnight, PDA for my adversary”), against vax presidental up-and-comer RFK jr. (“Paranoid fears start floatin’ around like the Kennedy fellow”) and the late DJ Screw (“R.I.P. to the DJ from Houston, we free screws”).

The Adonis appearance is fitting, since Drake uncovered last month that his child’s line-drawing of a dog would be the cover workmanship for his impending For Every one of the Canines collection, which is expected out on Friday (Oct. 6) and is supposed to likewise incorporate his SZA collab, “Sludge You Out.”

Watch the “8AM in Charlotte” video underneath.

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