Youngster Kaylee Shimizu Scores Four-Seat Turn With ‘Unimaginable’ Tryout on ‘The Voice’: Watch

The 17-year-old gave us fluffy contacts, through to the explosive, and procured a four-seat turn.

The Voice has seen as another.

Youngster Kaylee Shimizu appeared big time during her Visually impaired Tryout Tuesday night (Oct. 3), with a presentation that conveyed the certainty of youth, and the abilities of an expert.

Hailing from Ewa Ocean side, Hawaii, Shimizu covered the Beatles’ “Brilliant Sleeps,” peppering it with tip top high notes — all solidness and control — and with additional runs than an olympic style sports occasion.

The 17-year-old gave us fluffy contacts, through to the explosive, and procured a four-seat turn.

John Legend turning first, followed promptly by Niall Horan, Reba McEntire and, after a respite to absorb it, Gwen Stefani.

“We’re simply dazed at this moment. Your voice was simply amazing, it was so innovative it was so melodic,” commented Legend. “You realize you could win The Voice, right,” he added, prior to presenting a royal welcome for Group Legend. “You have such a lot of certainty conveying these inconceivable notes.”

Stefani was “blown away.” The young person’s “vibrato, it’s at such a leisurely pace,” and it “seems like you have such a lot of command over that,” she added. “I’ve never heard any such thing and I believe this is on the grounds that you’re so youthful and free.”

Horan, as an individual from One Course, has partaken in a few lifetime of encounters. “I can’t really accept that what I recently saw,” he enthused. “That was simply inconceivable. At the point when we discuss ‘actually gifted,’ I’ve never met anybody so gifted. The tune decision was awesome.”

Talking last, McEntire conceded, “when I was 17 I had not the creative mind to be even contemplate singing like you. I’ve never heard anyone do what you did in front of an audience today. It was otherworldly to me.”

Shimizu digs her “heartfelt R&B” and grew up singing karaoke with her Filipino family, who were welcome to join the challenger on focal point of the audience.

There could be just a single group for Shimizu, and that was Group Legend.

Watch the tryout on NBC’s The Voice beneath.

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