Taylor Quick, The Beatles, Elvis and More Specialists With the Most Weeks at No. 1 on the Board 200: Full Rundown

The diagram traces all the way back to Walk 1956, over 33 years before Quick was conceived.

Taylor Quick’s The Tormented Writers Division beat the Bulletin 200 for the 6th week this week (diagram dated June 8), which ups Quick’s profession complete of weeks at No. 1 to 75. This broadens her lead as the independent craftsman with the most weeks on top in the outline’s set of experiences.

Quick’s solid showing is great when you consider that the Announcement 200 traces all the way back to Walk 1956, over 33 years before she was conceived.

Quick outperformed Elvis Presley for the most weeks at No. 1 by an independent craftsman when 1989 (Taylor’s Rendition) logged its fifth week at No. 1 in the issue dated Jan. 6, 2024. That allowed her 68 weeks at No. 1, another week than Presley, who logged 67 weeks on top somewhere in the range of 1956 and 2002. 1989 (Taylor’s Form) stayed on top the next week, carrying her complete to 69. Tormented Writers has carried it to 75.

The Beatles keep on driving all specialists, with 132 weeks on top somewhere in the range of 1964 and 2001.

A couple of fast notes: While Presley’s accomplishments on the Bulletin Hot 100 are scammed by the way that his forward leap in 1956 pre-dated the send off of Board’s leader tunes outline by over two years, the Bulletin 200 catches Presley’s whole vocation. His introduction collection, Elvis Presley, entered the diagram at No. 11 in the issue dated Walk 31, 1956 – which was the diagram’s subsequent week.

Assuming you count the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (which logged 24 weeks at No. 1 of every 1978) as a Honey bee Gees collection, the threesome had 31 weeks on top. Honey bee Gees had six tracks on the collection — five of which were No. 1 hits on the Hot 100. However, Bulletin considers it a multi-craftsman soundtrack collection.

Morgan Wallen might be the following craftsman to top the Board 200 for 30 all out weeks. He has logged 29 weeks at No. 1 up to this point, because of the joined strength of Perilous: The Twofold Collection (10 weeks on top) and Each Thing In turn (19 weeks).

Here is a gander at all demonstrations with at least 30 weeks at No. 1 on the Board 200 since Walk 24, 1956, when the diagram started distributing on a predictable week after week premise. Ties are displayed in sequential request.

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