Taylor Quick Shows up at Bosses Planes Game to Watch Travis Kelce With Blake Exuberant, Ryan Reynolds and More

The game imprints Taylor Quick’s second open appearance/football date where she’d applaud Travis Kelce.

Taylor Quick is in her Sunday Night Football period. Quick showed up to watch Travis Kelce — tight end and Quick’s supposed playmate — and the Kansas City Bosses go head to head against the New York Planes Sunday (Oct. 1).

Quick’s night at the game denotes the second open appearance/football date where the 1989 hitmaker showed support for the Bosses’ No. 87.

Quick’s visitors at MetLife Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Sunday included a lot of star power: The pop symbol was joined by companions Blake Enthusiastic and Ryan Reynolds. She was seen embracing Sabrina Woodworker as she entered the arena. Hugh Jackman was likewise spotted. (Quick and Vivacious were likewise captured showing up together at a supper in New York City the prior night.)

“Welcome to New York, it’s been hanging tight for you,” the authority NFL account tweeted to Quick on X before the game started, sharing a clasp of her hello others at the arena. They kept on sharing clasps of Quick living it up over the course of the evening, and got her response to a score.

Last Sunday (Sept. 24) in Kansas City, Quick likewise appeared for Kelce, going wild when he scored a score. “We should f — ing go!” she was seen on camera calling out as she cheered close by Mother Kelce; Fox Sports’ inclusion slice to Quick habitually that evening. Travis and Taylor were seen leaving Pointed stone Arena and heading out together in a fast vehicle, as per photographs gained by TMZ, and they went to an all-nighter.

NBC utilized Quick’s “Welcome to New York” in a television plug recently to advance the Bosses’ versus Jets game.

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