Lady Gaga Closes Down Pregnancy Bits of hearsay With Some Assistance From a Taylor Quick Verse

“not pregnant- – simply down awful cryin at the exercise center,” Gaga composed across her TikTok reaction.

Lady Gaga burned through no time closing down ongoing pregnancy tales, taking to TikTok to post a brassy reaction video that incorporates a Taylor Quick melodious reference.

“Not pregnant-simply down awful cryin at the exercise center,” peruses the message across her most recent TikTok, referring to Quick’s The Tormented Writers Office track “Down Terrible,” which appeared and crested at No. 2 on the Board Hot 100 last month. (The full verse: “Presently I’m down awful crying at the exercise center/All that comes out high school testiness.”)

Gaga likewise didn’t botch a high-profile a valuable open door to encourage her Little Beasts to make their voices heard, adding: “Register to cast a ballot at”

The actual video sees Gaga in an emotional dark eyeliner look, lip-matching up to a TikTok voice-over that says: “I don’t need to view as a tasteful. I’m a stylish. I mean I’m certain there’s someone around here right presently who’s going into Pinterest attempting to type up this multitude of modifiers to depict me.” The sound was initially posted by TikTok client notpennyproud back in 2021.

The pregnancy bits of hearsay sprung up throughout the end of the week, because of fans thinking they saw proof of a child knock in photographs of Gaga going to her sister’s wedding Saturday with accomplice Michael Polansky.

Toward the end of last month, the Gaga Chromatica Ball show film debuted on HBO and Max and indicated the pop whiz’s next melodic time, with a message perusing “LG7 GAGA RETURNS” blazing onscreen toward the end. Also, that will not be her main significant venture: Her chance as Harley Quinn in the forthcoming Joker: Folie à Deux melodic spin-off — close by unique Joker star Joaquin Phoenix — is set to hit performance centers on Oct. 4.

Watch Gaga’s TikTok reaction beneath:

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