JO1’s ‘Adoration searcher’ Rockets to No. 1, Number_i’s ‘BON’ Introductions at No. 2 on Japan Hot 100

“Love searcher” is the lead track from the 11-part teen pop band’s eighth single “Drifter.”

JO1’s “Affection searcher” takes off to No. 1 on the Announcement Japan Hot 100, ascending from No. 59 on the diagram delivered June 5.

“Love searcher” is the lead track from the 11-part teeny-bopper group’s eighth single “Drifter.” The tune dropped carefully May 12 and appeared on the Japan Hot 100 at No. 48 (May 22), then, at that point, dropped to No. 59 the next week prior to stirring things up around town spot this week controlled by deals. The gathering denoted its greatest first-week Album deals with 738,776 duplicates to lead the measurement, while coming in at No. 3 for downloads (15,613 units, up around 2,800% from last week), No. 25 for streaming (up 157%), No. 31 for video sees (up 117%), and negative. 5 for radio airplay (up 688%).

Appearing at No. 2 is Number_i’s “BON,” a track off the triplet’s small scale collection No.O – ring-, delivered May 27. The tune debuts at No. 1 for downloads with 49,896 units and furthermore runs radio and video, while coming in at No. 13 for gushing to hit No. 2 just barely on the Japan Hot 100 without any focuses for actual deals. The gathering’s previous No. 1 melody “GOAT” moved 64-54 because of the new delivery, and six of the smaller than usual collection’s tracks, including “BON,” entered the Japan Hot 100.

As it turns out, Ruler and Sovereign’s previous No. 1 hits “Tsukiyomi” and “Cinderella Young lady” — made accessible for spilling toward the finish of last month — likewise return to the Japan Hot 100. The two melodies are from the gathering’s five-part period — Number_i comprises of three previous individuals from Ruler and Sovereign — and saw an expansion in week after week real time and video sees. “Tsukiyomi” returns without precedent for about a year and 90 days, while “Cinderella Young lady” returns without precedent for about a year.

comdot’s “Haikei Oretachihe” bows at No. 3 on the Japan Hot 100. The main single by the five-part YouTubers offered 136,964 duplicates to hit No. 2 for deals, while coming in at No. 27 for downloads, No. 16 for streaming, No. 6 for radio, and negative. 23 for video.

Kenshi Yonezu’s “Mainichi” (Consistently) dispatches at No. 6 this week. The arrival of this new plug tune for Coca-Cola Japan’s “Georgia” image has fueled the hitmaker’s different melodies up the outlines, with “Sayonara, Mata Itsuka!” seeing an expansion in downloads and “Lemon” in both streaming and downloads.

BEYOOOOONDS’ first single in about a year and a month called “Hai to Jewel” bows at No. 7, offering 99,222 duplicates to hit No. 3 for deals, while coming in at No. 10 for downloads and negative. 16 for radio.

The Bulletin Japan Hot 100 joins physical and advanced deals, sound transfers, radio airplay, video perspectives and karaoke information.

See the full Board Japan Hot 100 diagram, counting the week from May 27 to June 2, here. For more on Japanese music and graphs, visit Board Japan’s English Twitter account.

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