Fax Posse and Parannoul Declare Collection, Offer New Melody: Tune in

“Children’s song for a Memory” drives the cooperative Scattersun

South Korean dream-pop demonstration Parannoul collaborated with Philippines cloud rap and indietronica bunch Fax Posse for another collection. Their cooperative LP, Scattersun, is expected out June 12 through Topshelf. Pay attention to their new melody “Children’s song for a Memory” beneath.

Co-composed totally through text talk over the course of the last year, Scattersun is a completely cooperative collection between the two craftsmen. Counting “Children’s song for a Memory,” the record traverses eight tracks and has two visitor highlights: Mudd the Understudy, on “Wrong Sign,” and Agatka, on “Rising.”

Parannoul delivered his latest record and third full-length collection, After the Sorcery, last year. Find out about Parannoul in the component “Parannoul and the New Age of Korean Non mainstream.”


01 Quiet
02 Wrong Signal [ft. Mudd the Student]
03 Double Bind
04 Ascension [ft. Agatka]
05 Lullaby for a Memory
06 Soliloquy
07 Scattersun
08 Circular Motion

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