Each of the 10 Tunes From Billie Eilish’s ‘Hit Me Hard and Delicate’ Presentation in Hot 100’s Main 40

“Lunch” turns into her most memorable top five introduction.

Billie Eilish has a tremendous week on Board’s graphs, because of her new studio collection, Hit Me Hard and Delicate.

Alongside appearing at No. 2 on the Board 200 (dated June 1) with the greatest week after week comparable collection units total – 339,000 acquired in the U.S. May 17-23, as per Luminate – of Eilish’s vocation, every one of the 10 tunes from the collection debut in the main 40 of the Announcement Hot 100.

Here is a recap of Eilish’s take on the most recent Hot 100.

Rank, Title:
No. 5, “Lunch”
No. 12, “Chihiro”
No. 13, “Similar creatures”
No. 17, “Wildflower”
No. 18, “Thin”
No. 22, “L’Amour de Mama Compete”
No. 24, “The Best”
No. 25, “Blue”
No. 31, “The Cafe”
No. 36, “Bittersuite”

“Lunch” denotes Eilish’s most elevated Hot 100 presentation and first to open in the main five, outmaneuvering the No. 6 beginning of “My Future” in 2020.

Here is a gander by any means of Eilish’s Hot 100 top 10 hits, recorded by top position.

Rank, Title, Pinnacle Date:
No. 1, “Trouble maker,” Aug. 24, 2019
No. 2, “Accordingly I’m,” Nov. 28, 2020
No. 5 (until now), “Lunch,” June 1, 2024
No. 6, “My Future,” Aug. 15, 2020
No. 8, “All that I Needed,” Nov. 30, 2019
No. 10, “Your Power,” May 15, 2021

Eilish’s 10 Hot 100 presentations up her profession complete to 43 diagrammed tunes. She initially arrived at the positioning dated June 9, 2018, with “Beautiful,” with Khalid.

Eilish adds 10 new top 40 Hot 100 hits after beforehand outlining 10, from “Cover a Companion” (No. 14 pinnacle, February 2019) through “What Was I Made For?” (No. 14, August 2023).

Prominently, 90,000 units of the first-week aggregate for Hit Me Hard and Delicate are in vinyl deals, as it debuts on the Vinyl Collections outline. Eilish procures her fifth aggregate and sequential No. 1 on the rundown, following More joyful Than at any other time (2021), Inhabit Third Man Records (2020), When We as a whole Nod off, Where Do We Go? also, Dont Grin at Me (both 2019). She passes Lana Del Rey for the second-generally No. 1s among solo ladies, after Taylor Quick, who drives all demonstrations with 13, dating to the rundown’s send off in 2011. Eilish has now burned through 27 absolute weeks at No. 1 on Vinyl Collections, second just to Quick’s 52.

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