Britney Lances’ Journal Says She Had a Fetus removal During Justin Timberlake Relationship

“For me it was anything but a misfortune,” she composes of the unexpected pregnancy in The Lady in Me.

Britney Lances’ impending tell-all diary, The Lady in Me, incorporates a stunning case about her young sentiment with individual Mickey Mouse Club star Justin Timberlake. The couple broadly started dating in 1999, when she was 17 and the *NSYNC star was 18, similarly as their vocations were detonating.

“It was a shock, yet for me it was anything but a misfortune. I love Justin so much,” she writes in the book, as per a passage distributed Individuals, which Bulletin can affirm. “I generally anticipated that we should have a family together one day. This would simply be a whole lot sooner than I expected.”

“Assuming that it had been let dependent upon me be, I could never have made it happen,” she proceeds. “But Justin was certain to such an extent that he would have rather not been a dad.”

“Right up ’til now, it’s quite possibly of the most anguishing thing I have at any point knowledgeable about my life,” she likewise composes of having an early termination.

Announcement has connected with Timberlake’s rep for input.

A progression of extracts from the book this week in Individuals portrays Lances’ life under her prohibitive 13-year conservatorship, as well as the story behind her notorious head-shaving episode in 2007, and what she depicts as fat-disgracing because of her alienated dad, Jamie Lances.

Lances and Timberlake separated 2002 and she wedded previous back-up artist Kevin Federline in 2004. She and Federline had two youngsters — Sean Preston and Jayden James — before their split in 2007.

The Lady in Me shows up Oct. 24.

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