Ask Bulletin: Craftsmen With the Most Hot 100 No. 1s All alone and The individuals Who Have ‘Had Some Assistance’

Where does Post Malone remain among acts with the most cooperative pioneers?

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‘Help’- ing Hands
Howdy Gary,

Where posts Malone rank among specialists with the most cooperative Board Hot 100 No. 1s? On account of his ongoing chief “I Had Some Assistance,” highlighting Morgan Wallen, and following his included job on Taylor Quick’s “Fortnight,” which bested the outline recently, five of his six No. 1s have been joint efforts.

Moreover, “I Had Some Assistance” is outstanding for Post Malone’s melodic adaptability, given his set of experiences on various classification diagrams.

Gratitude for any, all things considered, help!

Pablo Nelson
Oakland, Calif.

Hello Pablo,

Cooperation makes the fantasy work, per “I Had Some Assistance,” a technique that has brought about Post Malone tying for the second-generally cooperative No. 1s in the Hot 100’s set of experiences.

We should take a gander at the craftsmen with the most Hot 100 No. 1s generally speaking, the most all alone and the most with other charged specialists (either in lead or highlighted jobs), from the graph’s Aug. 4, 1958, commencement through the positioning dated June 1.

Generally Hot 100 No. 1s Generally:

20, The Beatles
19, Mariah Carey
14, Rihanna
13, Michael Jackson
13, Drake
12, Madonna
12, The Supremes
12, Taylor Quick
11, Whitney Houston
10, Janet Jackson
10, Stevie Miracle
9, Honey bee Gees
9, Beyoncé
9, Ariana Grande
9, Elton John
9, Paul McCartney
9, Katy Perry
9, Usher
Generally Noncollaborative Hot 100 No. 1s:

19, The Beatles
16, Mariah Carey
12, Madonna
12, The Supremes
11, Whitney Houston
11, Michael Jackson
10, Janet Jackson
10, Taylor Quick
9, Honey bee Gees
8, The Drifters
8, Stevie Miracle
7, Elvis Presley
Generally Cooperative Hot 100 No. 1s:

8, Drake
8, Rihanna
5, Beyoncé
5, Justin Bieber
5, Diddy
5, Ludacris
5, Post Malone
The Beatles brag both the most Hot 100 No. 1s in general, 20, and with no other charged acts, 19; “Get Back,” which was in the midst of its five-week rule quite a while back this week, is co-charged with Billy Preston.

With joint efforts more normal in ongoing many years, and long unmistakable in hip-bounce, Drake and Rihanna have each scored a record eight Hot 100 No. 1s with other credited acts, including two together: “What’s My Name?,” in 2010, and “Work,” in 2016.

In the interim, Quick is the main demonstration whose diagram vocation started the 2000s with a twofold digit complete of noncollaborative Hot 100 No. 1s. She and Mariah Carey are the main such demonstrations whose outline narratives date back no farther than the 1990s.

Prominently on the third rundown above, Diddy and Ludacris are the main specialists with upwards of five Hot 100 No. 1s in a joint effort with different demonstrations and no other driving hits, theirs all expanded by different rappers and vocalists including Confidence Evans, Fergie and Pharrell.

Alternately, Madonna and The Supremes are the demonstrations with the most Hot 100 No. 1s all with no visitors, 12 out of 12 each.

Concerning Post Malone, preceding his two most recent No. 1s, he controlled the Hot 100 with his solitary chief all alone: “Circles,” for quite some time in 2019. Notwithstanding Wallen and Quick, he has imparted his visits on the diagram to Swae Lee, 21 Savage and Ty Dolla $ign.

As to sonic adaptability, “I Had Some Assistance” has given Post Malone his most memorable Hot Down home Melodies No. 1, to oblige five on Hot Rap Melodies and four on Hot R&B/Hip-Jump Tunes, as well as one on Hot Elective Melodies, by means of his having joined on Noah Kahan’s “Dial Smashed.” He has likewise hit No. 3 on Hot Dance/Electronic Melodies, as included, with Preme, on Tiësto and Dzeko’s 2018 hit “Jackie Chan.” Latin is furthermore on his diagram list of qualifications, as his first Hot 100 No. 1 (and one that yells out another classification), “Rockstar,” highlighting 21 Savage, spent seven days on Latin Airplay in 2018.

Republic prime supporter/President Monte Lipman told Bulletin in 2022 that when the mark marked Post Malone in 2015, “We continued to build up [that] Post depend on impulses. We likewise solidified our place that we’d remain unimaginably persistent and support Post’s innovative undertakings.”

Said Post Malone, “The entire situation is that you would rather not undermine your specialty and your stomach vibe on anything.”

‘Breakfast’ Before ‘Lunch’

As (the maybe radio-prepared) “Lunch” by Billie Eilish debuts on the Hot 100 at No. 5, could you at any point kindly furnish a rundown of graphed hits with “breakfast,” “lunch” and “supper” in their titles?

Howdy Jesper,

Apparently shockingly, Billie Eilish scores the principal Hot 100 hit with “lunch” in its title. Good notice: Lunchmoney Lewis presented two sections in 2015-16.

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